Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like that...

One last word,
You shut your eyes,
One last kiss,
And your soul dies.
A silent room,
Fills with silent tears,
A moment passes,
Caught up in fears.
A thousand phone calls,
Your daughter makes,
One single foot step,
And another heart breaks.
He's still holding your hand,
He won't let go,
I'm lying beside you,
As the sorrow grows.
The night falls,
It's already yesterday,
More relatives come,
Friends don't know what to say.
Morning breaks,
Flowers to arrange,
In a single moment,
A simple thing can change.
We take time to cry,
So shocked in grief,
A prayer is said,
But made so brief.
It's the second night,
Tomorrow won't hold back,
We're living in a dream,
Feeling so off track.
We burry you now,
The next morning is in the air,
Inside we're all screaming,
It's just not fair.
And I throw a rose,
As my heart cries,
And I know that like that rose,
You will wither and die.


Kiran said...

i understand........

Shital said...

Sweet....very sweet.