Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And she smiled...

Moons ago, she ventured offinto a foreign land.
Said goodbye to all she knew,
letting go of safety's hand.
There were people who loved her,

who'd help her get by,but she left them behind.It was hard not to cry.
Alone in the forest,

she knew not where to go,
knew not what to search for,
knew not how to grow.
Why did she leave?

She questioned her mind,
confused in the darkness,
it was as if she was blind.
One night, the earth trembled,

it shook with great force.
What she thought was the end,
was her rescuer on horse.
He knelt down to her face,

wiped away all her tears.
He promised never to leave her,
they'd be friends for years.
She returned to her home,

her troubles all gone,
thanks to the help of her savior,
she smiled at dawn.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Unborn Love

How do you love a person
Who never got to be,
Or try again to see a face
You never got to see?
How do you mourn the death of one

Who never got to live,
When there's nothing to feel good about
And nothing to forgive?
I love you, little sister.

You're a person of the wind,
Free to be the memory
Of all that might have been.
I love you, little sister,

My companion of the night,
Wandering through my lonely hours,
Beautiful and bright.
What does it mean to die beforeY

ou ever can be born,
To live the lovely night of life
And never see the dawn?
Ah! My little sister,

You lived like anyone!
Life's a burst of joy and pain,
And then, like yours, it's done.
I love you, little sister,

Just as if you'd lived for years.
No more, no less, I think of you,
The angel of my tears.

One Night Stand.

You had me for a night,
then turned away,
Inspiring a love you didn't want.
I was a fairy you might unenchant
To show yourself that you could have your way.
And now I'm left with all the shame of love

That unashamed took pleasure in your joy.
You used me as a fake, erotic toy,
Not caring much what I was thinking of.
The worst is that I long for your caress.

I know you're just annoyed,
which drives me mad!
But knowing how completely I've been had
Does not, alas,
make me want you less


Trapped within my point of view,
I sailed across a sea
And looked back from the other shore,
Surprised that it was me.

How liberating! then I thought,
And walked my welcome way,
Determined not again my new-found
Freedom to betray.

And yet, alas!, it was itself
A self-framed point of view,
In which I dwelt content to know
The place of what I knew.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like that...

One last word,
You shut your eyes,
One last kiss,
And your soul dies.
A silent room,
Fills with silent tears,
A moment passes,
Caught up in fears.
A thousand phone calls,
Your daughter makes,
One single foot step,
And another heart breaks.
He's still holding your hand,
He won't let go,
I'm lying beside you,
As the sorrow grows.
The night falls,
It's already yesterday,
More relatives come,
Friends don't know what to say.
Morning breaks,
Flowers to arrange,
In a single moment,
A simple thing can change.
We take time to cry,
So shocked in grief,
A prayer is said,
But made so brief.
It's the second night,
Tomorrow won't hold back,
We're living in a dream,
Feeling so off track.
We burry you now,
The next morning is in the air,
Inside we're all screaming,
It's just not fair.
And I throw a rose,
As my heart cries,
And I know that like that rose,
You will wither and die.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Empty shell of moss..

I searched inside a common place,
and to a world I find,
a better place to which I look,
a clever place to find.
And to the world I must admit,

a newer sport I've won,
to ride along an ancient road,
the rising of the sun.
And to the raging seas I think,

a message I will learn,
there is no way to long or wish,
a different way to turn.
And to a rising moon I see,

will carry a long way,
there is no place to call my own,
much to my dismay.
I live alone a great big world,

will carry me so far,
I will yet see a cloud so great,
a brighter shining star.
My world is an empty shell of moss,

a lesson much to deep,
and so I put my thoughts to rest,
and settle down to sleep.

If I...

If I am weak and feeble, it is because I choose to be so
To expose my vulnerability, a depth youll never know
A shadow of my identity shrouds reason within a clouded mist
Reflections in a rippled pond, a fault that was never missed
If curiosity gets the better of me, then I will obtain the best from it
Temptation being the root of the faceless crimes I commit
My initiative is nothing but simple, for a goal I strive to reach
Venturing through abstract paths while gaining knowledge from each

If I am self-conscious its because Im aware of myself as an individual
Having an array of words as divergent as sparks from a crimson flame
Original in the light of ambition and drive that never ceases to exist
Following footsteps as a guide, not a path; engraving them in soil as I persist

If I am ignorant it is because I myself choose to ignore
The extending of a hand to others whilst inside they wage war
I blind myself from an obscure world that claims to be true
To place complete trust in darkness is a mistake that will never a new

If I am predictable, then can you sense the emotions that lurk within me?
Sketch out the images in my head or play the notes of my internal symphony?
Allow my words to echo in your mind, penetrate your thoughts and enter your soul
Because If I were the one standing before me, Id be fighting myself to regain control