Friday, February 15, 2008

Empty shell of moss..

I searched inside a common place,
and to a world I find,
a better place to which I look,
a clever place to find.
And to the world I must admit,

a newer sport I've won,
to ride along an ancient road,
the rising of the sun.
And to the raging seas I think,

a message I will learn,
there is no way to long or wish,
a different way to turn.
And to a rising moon I see,

will carry a long way,
there is no place to call my own,
much to my dismay.
I live alone a great big world,

will carry me so far,
I will yet see a cloud so great,
a brighter shining star.
My world is an empty shell of moss,

a lesson much to deep,
and so I put my thoughts to rest,
and settle down to sleep.

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