Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And she smiled...

Moons ago, she ventured offinto a foreign land.
Said goodbye to all she knew,
letting go of safety's hand.
There were people who loved her,

who'd help her get by,but she left them behind.It was hard not to cry.
Alone in the forest,

she knew not where to go,
knew not what to search for,
knew not how to grow.
Why did she leave?

She questioned her mind,
confused in the darkness,
it was as if she was blind.
One night, the earth trembled,

it shook with great force.
What she thought was the end,
was her rescuer on horse.
He knelt down to her face,

wiped away all her tears.
He promised never to leave her,
they'd be friends for years.
She returned to her home,

her troubles all gone,
thanks to the help of her savior,
she smiled at dawn.