Friday, February 15, 2008

If I...

If I am weak and feeble, it is because I choose to be so
To expose my vulnerability, a depth youll never know
A shadow of my identity shrouds reason within a clouded mist
Reflections in a rippled pond, a fault that was never missed
If curiosity gets the better of me, then I will obtain the best from it
Temptation being the root of the faceless crimes I commit
My initiative is nothing but simple, for a goal I strive to reach
Venturing through abstract paths while gaining knowledge from each

If I am self-conscious its because Im aware of myself as an individual
Having an array of words as divergent as sparks from a crimson flame
Original in the light of ambition and drive that never ceases to exist
Following footsteps as a guide, not a path; engraving them in soil as I persist

If I am ignorant it is because I myself choose to ignore
The extending of a hand to others whilst inside they wage war
I blind myself from an obscure world that claims to be true
To place complete trust in darkness is a mistake that will never a new

If I am predictable, then can you sense the emotions that lurk within me?
Sketch out the images in my head or play the notes of my internal symphony?
Allow my words to echo in your mind, penetrate your thoughts and enter your soul
Because If I were the one standing before me, Id be fighting myself to regain control

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